Optimus U-31002 1.5 Gallons Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier

Optimus U-31002 is a single room, Ultrasonic cool mist humidifier which is priced at a reasonable level, making it budget friendly for all. Moreover, the device is very elegantly designed and performs way more than expectations. It has 1.11 gallons water tank, produces 1.5 gallons of mist and has the capability to provide continuous moisture up to 18 hours. Being an Ultrasonic humidifier, it performs totally noise free and ensures a good sleep for you and your family. Furthermore, the humidifier boasts of all the modern features found in other top quality humidifiers in the market, thus making it a complete package.


Optimus U-31002


  • Totally noise free operation – The Optimus U-31002, is an Ultrasonic humidifier which operates silently and ensures you a good sleep.
  • Very elegant design – The device looks great placed anywhere in your home or office.
  • Adjustable mist control – The device incorporates a variable mist output controller, with which you have the option to adjust the moisture rate according to your needs.
  • Removable tank with handle to ensure easy refilling and cleaning.
  • Refill indicator, to inform you whenever the device is out of water.
  • Auto-Shutoff feature, which turns off the device, whenever it runs out of water.
  • 11 gallons water tank capacity and 1.5 gallons output.
  • Clean and healthy cool mist output – The humidifier provides very fine and healthy cool mist, free from Bacteria and other microbes, thanks to its in-built, permanent filter which never requires any replacement.
  • Transparent Tank to easily check the water level, whenever required.

 Good set of features, but lacks any automatic controls and warm mist output.


The best feature of this device is inarguably its design – The device looks very modern and stylish. As, it is designed and structured in the form of a half oval cylinder. Further, the transparent water tank adds grace to the overall look. The device’s manual control knob is present at the front side, the knob is very sophisticated in design with blue illumination in the circumference.

Overall the device would suit anywhere placed in your bedroom or office, as it looks very fresh and unique, and the build quality is superb as well. 95/100 in the Design Department.


Ease of Use

The Optimus U-31002 is a very easy to use and low on maintenance product. As, the user friendliness of this device can be attributed to its easy to use manual controls, with two presets of High and Low. Furthermore, the control knob can be manually fine tuned to adjust the amount of humidity, you require in your room.

The device also includes a refill indicator which blinks when the  water level becomes low and an auto shutoff feature which turns off the device, whenever the water tank gets empty. Besides this, a permanent air filter keeps the mist free from any Bacteria or microbes, is provided in the humidifier, the best feature of this filter is that it does not require any replacement.

The water tank of this humidifier is removable for easy and efficient cleaning. But many users have complained about some difficulty while removing the tank, which proves to be quite a hindrance in regular cleaning of the unit.


The Optimus U-31002 cool mist humidifier is ideally designed for single room usage only. It has a water tank capacity of 1.11 gallons and produces about 1.5 gallons mist. Being an Ultrasonic type of humidifier, it produces a very fine mist which evaporates quickly into the air. Moreover, like all the Ultrasonic humidifiers, this device is ultra-quiet in its operation and ensures a good night’s sleep for its users. Another unique performance feature of this device is its permanent, non-replaceable filter which keeps the air healthy and microbe free. Besides that the device is fairly powerful and has the capability to run for 18 hours in one stretch.

The device is a good humidifier, which performs well above the expectations.


Optimus U-31002 cool mist humidifier is a very potent device which is ideal for people suffering from air related allergies including Asthma, Eczema, Dry Sinuses and other allergies. As the device description says – it is only a single room humidifier, thus it is not much effective in large areas or rooms. But it is fairly potent to quickly humidify a small or medium sized room. Regarding its mist output, it has a 1.5 gallons moisture yield and can run for 18 hours nonstop.

Interestingly, the best feature of this device is its attractive and urbane design, and it looks a real eye candy placed on your room’s table. Besides that, the device is very low on maintenance and has an easy to use control interface.

The only negative of this device is the difficulty which many users faced while removing the water tank from the main body for cleaning purposes.


Optimus U-31002 1.5 Gallons Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier Review
  • Features - 95%
  • Design - 95%
  • Easy of Use - 95%
  • Performance - 95%
95 %