Honeywell Germ Free Cool Mist Humidifier HCM-350

The Honeywell HCM series of humidifiers provides comforting relief from various allergy and dry air symptoms. HCM-350, is an evaporative humidifier that outputs around 2 gallons of water per day. It is capable to humidify medium to large sized rooms of up to 700 square feet and uses only 50 W of energy. As we know, evaporative humidifiers operate by pushing air through a wick that sits in water.

Moreover, the humidifier works almost silently ensuring you a quiet night’s sleep.



Honeywell Germ Free Cool Mist Humidifier HCM-350


  • Incorporated germ killing technology, efficient in killing 99.99% of the mold, fungus and virus in the water.
  • Quiet Operation – Up to 25% Quieter than other evaporative humidifiers.
  • Dishwasher safe water tank and tray.
  • Self Regulating Evaporative System which adjusts the output of the humidifier to the amount of moisture the air can hold at a particular temperature.
  • 700 square feet humidifying coverage, ideal for medium to large sized rooms.
  • Runs up to 24 hrs per filling.
  • Manual controls are easy to operate.
  • Translucent water tank made up of durable and break-less plastic.
  • ProTec Antimicrobial treated filter: Inhibits surface growth and prolongs the life of the filter.
  • 3 year limited warranty.

Decent set of features, but its missing a few essentials including – automated controls, auto turn-off when empty and a warm mist option. 70/100 in the Features section.


HCM 350 is a decently designed humidifier with an all white body and soft edges which provide it an appealing look. It measures about 19 inches long, the device is heavier than its counterparts in the market. Even though, its bulkiness may not be appreciated by many but the main body of the humidifier is sturdy and made up of shatter proof plastic. The translucent blue strip at the side of the humidifier enables you to check the water level when required. The device comes with a built-in handle on the water tank for an easier cleaning/refilling operation.

Good design and build quality but a bulky size, overall.


Ease of use

In this humidifier, the wick is large enough and permits water to evaporate more efficiently and effectively that it would with smaller wicks. Though this unit lacks the inbuilt humidistat, it does contain a self-regulating feature that adjusts its output automatically and gives you the maximum amount of humidity possible. The tank opening is large enough, making the unit easy to fill quickly. But the large size and bulky design may prove to be a hindrance if you like to move your device too often. Since the no-slip rubber feet are uncharacteristically functional, and because the housing lacks a knob or clips to attach it to the base, only way to move this unit  is to disassemble it by first turning it off, lifting out the tank, lifting off the unattached housing, then re-positioning the base (being careful not to spill), and then putting it back together.


HCM-350 involves a two step process to provide you with bacteria and germ-free air. The first process is the presence of an Ultraviolet lamp in the device, which effectively kills all the bacteria and other microbes present in the water. The second part is the Protec Antimicrobial filter, which prevents any bacteria or microbe to accumulate in the water. Though, the filters may require periodical cleaning and replacement. Noise level of this device is very low. When the device is on the high setting, the water will last for about 18 hours.

This means it can run through two nights without any need of a refill. Moreover, on the low setting mode, it can run for 4-5 nights easily. But, putting it on high performance mode would create some noise. Even though there is some sound, still the humidifier doesn’t sound too loud and harsh.

Regarding replacements, you need to replace the antimicrobial filter every month, which can be a bit hectic. The UV lamp lasts for about 3000 hours, approximately an year.

Performance wise, it is an above average performer.


The Honeywell HCM-350 is a good performing device that provides pleasant, hygienic and healthy moisture which is spread evenly in your room. The large size of the humidifier makes it a bulky device and not much portable. For the money it costs and absence of certain features such as Auto Shutoff, warm mist, humidistat and touch controls, it can make you to rethink twice before buying it.

Adding some more to your budget can land you with a better humidifier such as the Air-O-Swiss 7147, which has great features, the option for warm and cool mist and an LCD panel.


Honeywell Germ Free Cool Mist Humidifier HCM-350 Review
  • Features - 95%
  • Design - 90%
  • Easy of Use - 90%
  • Performance - 95%
92.5 %