Air-O-Swiss AOS S450 Digital Steam Humidifier

If you’re constantly annoyed by allergic symptoms like itching, sore throat and dry sinuses, a warm mist humidifier is just the right device for you in the winters. Using vaporizing technology, the Air-O-Swiss S450 humidifier heats water to the boiling point and creates a warm healing mist in an area up to 860 square feet.

With the incorporated ClearMist technology, the humidifier makes sure that the mist coming out of it, is always warm to feel and not burning hot. As the device heats the water up to 100 degree Celsius, there is hardly any scope of bacteria surviving the process. Thus, ensuring a healthy and hygienic environment in your room.


Air-O-Swiss AOS S450, big


  • ClearMist Technology – ensures that the mist is always warm to feel and never too hot.
  • Digital Touch Panel – Maintain precise control over your settings with the digital touch panel.
  • Display Dimmer – Dim the bright lights of the control panel so you can sleep easier.
  • Anti-Mineral Pad – An integrated mineral pad consumes and prevents lime buildup to make cleaning faster and easier.
  • 9-Hour Timer – Program the humidifier to turn on or off up to 9 hours in advance.
  • Removable Tank with Handles – The removable tank features integrated handles for an easier portability and lesser filling time.
  • Empty and Cleaning Indicators – Whenever the device runs out of water or requires cleaning , the indicators light up as per the situation.
  • Decalcification Mode – The humidifier virtually does the cleaning work for you with the convenient decalcification mode.
  • Fragrance Container – Put in your favorite fragrance to lightly freshen your air or drop in respiratory medication to further ease your symptoms.
  • Quiet Operation – This device is one of the quietest humidifiers around.
  • Vaporizing technology that creates clean moisture and stops antigens like bacteria or other microbes to survive in the air.


Air-O-Swiss AOS S450, parts

AOS S450 is a very ergonomically designed product that impresses its onlookers. The device consists of two thick plastic black colored walls on both the sides enclosing the white central part. The top of the device is the removable water tank cover. The design makes sure that Touch based front control panel is also very modern in the outlook. It is designed in such a way to humidify the room even if its placed on the floor, due to its low center of gravity.

Ease of Use

Air-O-Swiss AOS S450, hand testing steam

The Air-O-Swiss AOS S450 Humidifier incorporates a variety of high-tech features that customizes operation to fit your needs. The in-built hygrostat allows the user to set desired humidity level. There are 3 operating modes to choose from – Auto mode for hassle free automatic humidity, ECON or the economy mode for the most efficient and energy-saving option, and Manual mode for complete customized control over humidity level and speed.

As soon as the room attains the desired humidity level, the humidifier automatically shuts off and runs periodically  to maintain your setting while saving valuable energy.

The in-built Auto-Cleaning mode eases the task of cleaning the device. Once you select the mode, the humidifier starts to decalcify and automatically cleans itself. The Anti-Mineral Pad consumes a large part of the resulting lime scale while in operation and reduces excessive calcification of the steam tray as well as the frequency of necessary decalcification.



The AOS S450 has a moisture output of up to 3.5 gallons and can humidify an area up to 860 square feet.

The Air-O-Swiss S450 is a very unique room humidifier that has the ability to humidify the whole room even when placed on a floor. As most of the  conventional room humidifiers work best, only when placed on a table or at a raised level. The S450’s low center of gravity design enables it to perform even when placed at lower level.


The Air-O-Swiss S450 is a very innovatively engineered humidifier,  incorporating traditional vaporizer technology with modern state of the art design, performance and controls. Though this humidifier is not the most silent humidifier in the market, but it remains quiet enough through the night. The boiler technology virtually kills all the bacteria and impurities in the air and the self cleaning Decalcification-Mode makes cleaning a cakewalk.

On the whole, this device is a very potent humidifier and a great option for those who are not fond of the ultrasonics.

Air-O-Swiss AOS S450 Review
  • Features - 90%
  • Design - 90%
  • Easy of Use - 95%
  • Performance - 95%


The Air-O-Swiss S450 is a very innovatively engineered humidifier, incorporating traditional vaporizer technology with modern state of the art design, performance and controls.

92.5 %